Big ideas = Big business.

NGX Tradepath Auction Platform

NGX, an electronic trading, central counterparty clearing, and data service provider for North American natural gas and electricity markets, were experiencing limitations with one of their commodity trading platforms. As the platform aged, the technologies were becoming increasingly non-standard and specialized, making it challenging to maintain, update, or upgrade. As a result, NGX was finding it harder to respond to their customers’ evolving needs or take full advantage of market opportunities.

In the fall of 2015, Sierra Systems engaged Make to reimagine and remake their package forwarding software platform called ReShip. Their original software was developed off-shore and within two years of launch (and after much effort by the in-house maintenance team), the entire system needed to be replaced because it could not scale, or meet the evolving needs of the business. 

Data Scavenger

The founders of Data Scavenger had an idea for a centralized data warehouse that would enable the oil and gas industry to share information and documentation more conveniently and securely. As active industry participants and experts, they knew from first-hand experience that traditional office processes were an inefficient and time-consuming way to manage the flow of industry data, and had a vision for a better method.


GeoTrac, a company specializing in GPS technologies for the oil and gas industry, were growing fast and needed to increase the scalability, reliability and redundancy of their production servers and network equipment. Because their services have a human-safety component, every moment of downtime jeopardizes the company’s reputation and their clients’ trust.

Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan, one of the largest midstream and energy companies in North America, needed to address a lack of visibility into two of their pipelines—the Platt and the Express. The product in these pipelines is kept moving across Canada and the US by a number of electricity utilities managing lift stations along the route, but with only a time-consuming, unreliable manual verification process to quantify electricity consumption, Kinder Morgan was challenged to verify the accuracy of the invoices each utility submitted.

ITM Instruments

ITM, a company specializing in precision instruments and calibration, was splitting off from their parent company. They needed to build a new infrastructure capable of connecting multiple locations and supporting a mobile workforce by enabling secure access to a central business environment. To avoid costly downtime, they needed the new system to enable them to transition swiftly and perform reliably.

Government of Yukon

The Government of the Yukon, needed a secure, easy-to-use tender management system that enabled them to manage, advertise, distribute, and download public purchasing opportunities for goods, services, and construction in the Yukon, and ensure the public was notified of new opportunities, addendums, cancellations, and tender awards.

Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board

The Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board (WCB) needed an IT Consulting firm to help them develop a custom software solution that supported their team of safety inspectors, whose off-site work at remote locations with poor Internet access forced them to carry extensive paper documentation that had to be manually entered into the system at a later date.

Net Energy

Net Energy, the first crude oil brokerage in Canada, wanted to tap into a growing market, but their manual trading process—based on telephone and IM communications—had limitations. They needed a technology partner that could translate their idea for an electronic trading platform into a functional software solution.


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